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The history of Jolida (we could also say "the real history")


JOLIDA is a chinese owned brand initiated in US which exist since 1994. It has been created first in US, and then has been transferred to Chinese ownership in 1997. All the Jolida items are intellectual property of Shenda Corporation based in Shanghai.



- 1983 : Set up of the family company Jolida Inc who import gifts and other items from China. Main shareholders are two cousins, Mr Huang, Mr Allen and their mothers.

- 1985 to 1991 : the business with China is not so good, so Jolida Inc is forfeited, so that mean it is put in stand-by for 7 years. In end of 1991 Mr Huang find opportunities to make business again with China in vaccuum tubes for audio and industry.

- 1992 : Jolida Inc start the trading of Chinese tubes from Shuguang factory in Changsha, which is now the biggest tube producer in the world.

- 1993 : Mr Huang during his business trip in China discover there is very affordable companies who make high range audio transformer with some quality similar as US famous brands. He get the idea the it good be a market for afordable audio amplifiers made and designed in China.

- 1995 : Jolida boss establish a sino-american joint-venture to launch a range of audio amplifiers with a Chinese investor Mr Jing Chen which was a university classmate. They create a factory under the name Shenda Corp. Ltd based in Shanghai. Shenda Corp is owned 50% by Mr Chen and 50% by Mr Huang the boss of Jolida Inc. At that time the terms of the venture are very clear : Shenda Corp. will be the holder of the trademark Jolida and Jolida Inc will act as distributor for Shenda Corp. Mr Allen the current boss, was already at that time shareholder of Jolida Inc and knew about that and never rejected that agreement. Shenda Corp is the only designer of Jolida amps. There is not any engineer in US and not any plan to have engineer in US, as one the Key point to get affordable amplifiers is to have the engineering in China and not in US. Jolida Inc just in charge of the marketing and distribution in US for Shenda Corp.

- 1996 : The first Jolida amp, the SJ 202 is introduced at CES Las Vegas and win a reward. It becomes the first tube amplifiers sold in US below 1000$

- end of 1996 : Shenda Corp apply for the registration of the trademark Jolida.

- may 1997 : Jolida Inc is out of cash. Mr Huang the chairman must sell his 50% in the joint-venture to his partner Mr Chen Holding company Chattery Inc. to let the project going on. The Jolida brand and the factory Shenda Corp. factory become 100% Mr Chen ownership and has not anymore link that with Jolida Inc, except that Jolida Inc is the distributor of Shenda Corp. Nevertheless for marketing reasons only, an agreement is signed which allow Jolida inc to claim they still own the factory and that the amplifier are designed by US engineers. At that time the US public was not ready for "made + engineered" in China. You can read it here.

- june 1997 : probably due to over-stress about financial issues, the chairman and fonder of Jolida Inc. unfortunately die of heart attack. In July, Mr Chen take the plane to US to meet Mr Allen the other shareholder to know what he plan to do about the amplifier business. Mr Allen show his willing to go on with the job of his cousin and handle the distribution of Jolida products in US. Mr Allen become the Chairman of Jolida Inc.

- 1998 - 2005 : Jolida Inc is distributor of Shenda Corp for USA and Europe and Shenda Corp is in charge of China domestic market and south-east Asia. after a slow beginning, the Jolida products become popular worldwide.

- 2005 - 2007 : the competition of other Chinese brands or Western-Chinese ventures become strong as China product quality increase and Jolida is not anymore the only one to offer affordable products. Whereas the price of raw material increase sharply, the labor cost in China as well, Mr Allen put more and more presure on price on Shenda Corp. Despite Shenda try to support Jolida Inc. they can't male miracle and have to generate profit margin to feed the factory and its workers. The relations between the shareholder Mr Chen who has put 1 000 000 $  in total in the business only for Jolida products and Mr Allen who had never put any single penny in Shenda Corp enter into a turbulence period. The order of Jolida Inc which were supposed to be 80% of the factory production drop to 60%. Their relation stop at the end of 2007.

- September 2009 : Tubophile Ltd (France) becomes the new exclusive distributor allowed by Shenda Corp to sell the genuine Jolida products in Europe.

- December 2009 : A new logo is launched to reinvent the brand and create new range more modern and more sexy, of course without loose anything on the sound !




Shanghai Shenda-Jolida genuine factory who employs 25 staff


   The complete Shenda-Jolida management


    Shenda-Jolida workshop with Mr Prylli marketing manager in visit.